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About " Heyyy Taxi "

‘Heyyy Taxi’ is the newest taxi company in Tirana. Quite simply, unobtrusively and consciously, the name we have chosen is nothing more than a request that follows a more common call to everyone… ‘Heyyy… .Taxi’!

Nowadays the taxi industry in our city has unbelievably revolutionized. ‘Yellow’ cars have been added and the service of all operators seems to have improved, at least in terms of administration. Many of them are already completely electric, thus sealing concrete development steps. But there is always room for a fresh-headed ‘player’ seeking to contribute to the harmonization of city transportation. With current trends towards reducing costs and improving conditions, ‘Heyyy Taxi’ cars are currently only five (5), while for us this figure also symbolizes the number of service stars we offer! The passenger for us turns out to be not just a casual customer but the most important asset involved in continually improving our service.

We like to know how the journey will go by analyzing the driver’s behavior, the conditions offered, the journey described, always based on facts and decent moral ethics. And as long as the main interest of the clientele is the price, our rates will never disappoint anyone! For ‘Heyyy Taxi’ we have tried to change our thinking standards, so our level of service is and will always remain our most distinguished feature.

We have also provided the toll free number (08008500) for anyone who wants to try our service 24 hours a day.

Now let us build on the reputation of being a reliable and affordable taxi service! Get on board!

Why us ?

Heyyy Taxi is the best partner for the services you are looking for. Taxi service in Tirana and beyond with high safety from well-trained drivers, high reliability with regard to our customers, more comfortable because we offer the latest cars at your disposal.

Heyyy Taxi has entered the market as a taxi service by the standards of the western countries. We will serve your needs always where you will need a comfortable and safe taxi service. we will carry out with you and the utmost devotion to you.

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Heyyytaxi is the best partner for the services you require.Transport within Tirana, outside, quality, convenience and professionalism, are offered to all our clients.Focusing only on high standards of service to you.


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